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How to Realistically Heal Relationship With Body Image

You're at the start of the New Year and everywhere you look there is a dieting ad being shoved in your face. Instead of entering the new year with the intention to change your body through harmful behaviors, what if you spent that energy learning to make peace with the body?

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Learn to Accept Your Body

How can you accept and appreciate your body if you're always trying to shame and alter it? Finding acceptance and peace with the body is challenging, we understand that.

However, learning to heal this relationship can be rejuvenating, empowering, and way less exhausting than spending the rest of your life hating your own home . . .

In our body image course and workbook, we explore the various definitions of body image. One of those being body acceptance. With body acceptance, it's important to understand the fact that this is a multi-layer approach. These is not one direct way to finding body acceptance and that's okay!

We can't accept and don't have to accept everything at once. We don't have to dislike, like, or love our bodies at all times. Body acceptance is more of a process where we learn to meet the body where it currently is without trying to make changes to it.

One activity that our team guides clients through is the mirror challenge. This activity can make space for more neutral and objective thoughts, aiding in body acceptance.

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Learn to Respect Your Body

If we stop fighting with our bodies, ditch diet culture, and stop trying to fit into society's standards, we may even learn how to show the body acceptance and respect. This means honoring and meeting the body's needs with healthy thoughts and behaviors.

This may look like nourishing the body with nutrients that provide you with fuel for the day, practicing movement that brings your body enjoyment and pleasure, and so on! In the body image course, our clinicians discuss that individuals don't have to love their home to respect it.

The truth is, there isn't room for an all-or-nothing mindset when it comes to healing one's relationship with mind, body, and soul. It's a gradual process!

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Replenish Your Environments

What do your current environments look like (work, school, home, family, religion, nutrition, movement, intimacy, etc.) when it comes to supporting body image?

Are there areas that could use some decluttering and replenishment? In the body image course and workbook, each of these sections are broken down and guided to support a more inviting and healthy space.

Our environments play a huge role in our thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and lifestyle. Let's make sure we structure environments that allow us to heal.

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Connect With Others

Connection can play a positive role in healing the relationship with the body, especially when connecting with others who are fostering a similar mindset. Our clinicians offer a decade of trauma-informed bodywork, striving to provide a safe and supportive environment for participants to learn and grow.

The hope and intention of the course is to help others transform their relationship with mind, soul, and body by diving into the root causes of body image struggles and learning effective tools and techniques to overcome them.

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With Pearls of Wisdom,

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