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" Recently our nonprofit organization partnered with Pearl Wellness Practice. One the past few months, it has been amazing to collaborate with the founders, Kira and Eden. They are such a pleasure to work with and incredibly knowledgeable about nutritional psychology. Kira and Eden were guest speakers at our recent educational webinar. Our volunteers and team members left with a deeper understanding of the eating disorder recovery process, as well as the psychology behind ED treatment. We are so grateful to have worked with them and recommend to anyone looking for qualified professionals in the area of eating disorder treatment."
- Dancers Beyond Labels

Exclusive Workshops

Pearl Wellness Practice proudly offers speaking engagements led by our in-house Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.  Whether you are looking for educational training to elevate your practice or an engaging workshop to enhance health and wellness, we have you covered! 

Eating disorder treatment in Maryland

Eating Disorders: The Basics

Join Pearl Wellness Practice as we dive into the field of Eating Disorders with experts Kira Denney (Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor) and Eden Davis (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist). Our clinicians have over a decade of experience in this field. This dynamic duo explores the various forms of Eating Disorders through the lens of both therapy and nutrition in this hour workshop.


Eating Disorders 101: The Elevated Experience

This 2-hour workshop is led by our in-house LCPC and RDN to ensure that attendees have an in-depth understanding of Eating Disorders to identify behaviors, strengthen their skill sets, and expand their knowledge. We'll deep dive into case studies, research, provide a presentation, offer worksheets, and further activities.


Body Image: Untangling Inner Beliefs 

Pearl Wellness Practice proudly offers a 75-minute presentation and training option for Body Image work. This is catered to group practices, communities,  and small businesses looking to grow their skill set, provide a weight-neutral approach to care, and incorporate a Health at Every Size perspective to clients.


Workplace Wellness: Create a Thriving Team 

Are you looking to elevate your team's health and wellness? Our team offers lunch and learn workshops aimed at improving the overall outcome of employee's health. A few topics include gentle nutrition, stress management, mindful movement, and more. 

Eating disorder treatment team
Eating disorder workshops
Eating disorder E-course
Eating disorder consultation
Eating disorder supervision

Let's Work Together

Looking to collaborate with experts around food, body, and mind?

From podcasts and news segments to workshops and webinars, our dynamic duo is ready to chat!
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