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Elevate your therapeutic approach to eating disorders with our specialized consultation services. Our experienced therapist will provide tailored guidance, sharing evidence-based strategies and insights to enhance your practice and support your clients on their journey to recovery.

Choose Me: Enhance Your Knowledge 

Offering a holistic understanding of eating disorders, Kira encompasses clinical assessment, treatment modalities, and the psychological underpinnings of these conditions. With nearly a decade of experience at various levels of treatment in leadership and direct care roles within the field, Kira,  as a seasoned clinical director, speaks volumes through their wealth of expertise.


Their leadership not only guides individuals on the path to recovery but also shapes the landscape of effective and compassionate care. Kira’s nuanced understanding of the complexities involved in treating eating disorders has undeniably made a lasting impact, setting a standard of excellence in the field.


Kira’s ability to effectively convey this knowledge and provide practical guidance empowers professionals and organizations to enhance their approach to helping individuals with eating disorders. This, in turn, amplifies their impact in the realm of mental health and healthcare.





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