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How to Spring into Self-Acceptance: Wardrobe Woes & Body Positivity

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As the seasons change, so does our wardrobe. But what happens when the clothes we pull out from last year no longer fit? In the latest episode of the Grit Into Worth podcast, hosts Eden Davis and Kira Denny, tackle this sensitive subject with compassion and insight.

Spring cleaning often means more than just decluttering our closets; it can also mean confronting our body image and the cognitive distortions that come with it. Eden and Kira discuss the concept of genetic blueprints and how understanding our unique body types is crucial to developing a healthy relationship with our bodies and minds.

The episode delves into the dangers of comparing ourselves to others, especially as we prepare for the warmer months filled with beach trips and vacations. The hosts share personal anecdotes and professional expertise, making the conversation relatable and informative. They introduce us to the "Poodle Science" video, a powerful tool in understanding body diversity and why we can't all fit into the same mold.

Listeners will learn practical tips for closet cleanouts, the importance of decluttering not just our spaces but also our social media, environments, and mindsets. Highlighting different areas from the body image workbook: Redefining Confidence From Within, Eden and Kira emphasize the significance of grace for oneself and going into seasons with no expectations.

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The conversation also highlights how cognitive distortions, like all-or-nothing thinking and catastrophizing, can impact our self-image and daily lives.

"By understanding these patterns, we can begin to challenge them and make space for positive self-talk and body acceptance."

If you've ever felt pressure to fit a certain body type or struggle with the changing seasons and what they mean for your wardrobe, this podcast episode is a must-listen. It's a gentle reminder that our bodies are meant to grow and change, just like we do in life. So, before you try on that pair of shorts from last year, tune in to Grit Into Worth for a dose of reality, encouragement, and a community that understands.

Join Eden and Kira as they guide us through a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Listen HERE and find comfort in the knowledge that you are not alone in your journey towards a healthier relationship with food, body, and mind.

Looking for additional support around body image, disordered eating, or eating disorder treatment? Our providers offer in-house nutrition and therapy care to help you on your wellness journey. Reach out today to chat with somebody from our team and see if treatment is right for you.

With Pearl of Wisdom, Eden & Kira

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